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Please join us Monday, September 28th from 1:30pm to 5:00pm MT at the Denver Federal Center, Building 810 for a Geoscience Paper of the Future Training Session: Learning Best Practices for Scholarly Publication. The training session will be available for remote participation; however, I would like to encourage participants in the Denver area to attend in person. The exact room location will be announced closer to the training date. Please feel free to share this announcement with your colleagues. Everyone is welcome!


There is no registration fee to participate in an OntoSoft GPF training session.  To RSVP, please email ontosoft at gmail.com<mailto:ontosoft at gmail.com> by Wednesday, September 23, specifying your name, home institution, training session date, and whether you will participate in person or remotely.  Session participation details and training materials will be emailed to all registered participants two days before the session.

The Geoscience Paper of the Future (GPF) Initiative was created to encourage geoscientists to publish papers together with the associated digital products of their research. This means that a paper would include: 1) Data available in a public repository, including documented metadata, a clear license specifying conditions of use, and citable using a unique and persistent identifier; 2) Software available in a public repository, with documentation, a license for reuse, and a unique and citable using a persistent identifier; 3) Provenance of the results by explicitly describing the series of computations and their outcome in a workflow sketch, a formal workflow, or a provenance record, possibly in a shared repository and with a unique and persistent identifier. Learn more about the initiative at http://www.ontosoft.org/gpf/.

The training is divided into two sessions, each 90mins with a break in the middle.  Training materials are provided to all participants.  For each training topic, basic concepts and best practices are introduced.  A summary at the end provides specific advice and pointers to implement those best practices.



Concepts Covered

Geoscience Papers of the Future I: Making data and software accessible

Scientific publications in the future

An overview of the benefits of augmenting papers with data, software, and provenance, all properly documented and cited

Making data accessible

How to publish data in a public shared repository, select and use a license, and cite it in an article

Making software accessible

How to publish software in a public repository, select and use a license, and cite it in an article


Geoscience Papers of the Future II: Describing software and provenance

Documenting software with metadata

How to describe general metadata about software so others can understand and use it

Documenting the provenance of results

How to describe provenance in terms of the computations that were executed in order to obtain the results reported in a paper

Documenting methods as workflows

How to describe general computational methods in a paper as data flow across software components

GPF Instructor: Yolanda Gil, Information Sciences Institute and Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California


Madison Langseth
US Geological Survey
Core Science Analytics and Synthesis (CSAS)
Denver Federal Center
Building 810, Mail Stop 302
Denver, CO 80225
(303) 202-4088
mlangseth at usgs.gov<mailto:mlangseth at usgs.gov>

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