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14:00 UTC (We eschew timezones and daylight savings in RDA :-))

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A good way to find out about some of the initial things RDA has been working on. These outputs could be useful to a number of ESIP members.

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Please Share: Upcoming Webinar on RDA's Recently Endorsed Outputs

This is a brief reminder that RDA will be holding a webinar titled “An Overview of RDA’s Recently Endorsed Outputs” on Wednesday, September 16th at 14:00, which will provide a detailed overview of these outputs, how the endorsing organizations are using them, and how you can begin incorporating these solutions into your own data research activities.

The endorsed/adopted outputs include:

  1.  A Basic Vocabulary of Foundational Terminology and a Query Tool<https://rd-alliance.org/track/click/41ba60e3b7232/1de92ad4ba4>
Created through the efforts’ of RDA’s Data Foundation and Terminology Working Group, this vocabulary was the result of the group working with 21 data models and over 120 community experts to address the problem of fragmentation in data models.

  2.  A Persistent Identifier Registry<https://rd-alliance.org/track/click/462eff1361233/1de92ad4ba4>
Due to the inconsistency in identifying data objects, RDA’s PID Information Types Working Group built a persistent identifier registry that supplies a base set of PIDs and a process for managing and adding future data types. The group also implemented an API for accessing typed information.

  3.  A Basic Set of Machine Actionable Rules<https://rd-alliance.org/track/click/9f1f5a9852234/1de92ad4ba4>
RDA’s Practical Policy Working Group tackled the problem of automating data management by creating a basic set of machine actionable rules that support replication, preservation, and other common application scenarios.

  4.  A Data Type Model and Registry<https://rd-alliance.org/track/click/a07901f5b0235/1de92ad4ba4>
RDA’s Data Type Registry Working Group created a process model for registering data types and managing that registry over time so that it is usable by a diverse set of users and tools.

Webinar presenters will include:

  *   Reagan Moore
Co-chair of RDA’s Practical Policy Working Group
Chief Domain Scientist, Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)

  *   Larry Lannom
Co-chair of RDA’s Digital Type Registries Working Group
Director of Information Services and Vice President, Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI)

  *   Peter Wittenburg
Co-chair of RDA’s Data Foundation and Terminology Working Group
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics

  *   Tobias Weigel
Co-chair of RDA’s PID Information Types Working Group
IT Specialist, German Climate Computing Center

All are welcome to register to attend, so please share this announcement with your peers unaffilated with RDA so that they can be more familiarized with our accomplishments.

Registation is available at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1893720031354626306<https://rd-alliance.org/track/click/dbf03d26fe236/1de92ad4ba4>.


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