[ESIP-all] BESSIG: Data Rescue, Wed, Sept 29, 4:00, Gondolier

Anne Wilson anne.wilson at lasp.colorado.edu
Thu Sep 24 13:13:57 EDT 2015


We're busy having interesting meetings here in Boulder!  If you're in 
Boulder next Wednesday, you could come to one yourself.

Next week, Dr. Elizabeth Griffin from the Dominion Astrophysical 
Observatory will be visiting Boulder in preparation for an international 
2016 Data Rescue workshop sponsored by the Research Data Alliance, also 
to be held in Boulder.

In conjunction, Elizabeth has agreed to speak to the Boulder Earth and 
Space Science Informatics Group on Wednesday on:

Rescuing Vanishing Heritage Data: Why, How, Who, Where, & When? A brief 

"Data Rescue has never been more relevant than today, when quantitative 
information on matters pertaining to long-term climate change and other 
environmental properties of Planet Earth is sorely needed. Yet progress 
is seriously patchy. We review what is driving current activities, the 
status of group efforts, the hurdles, and the outlook."

Dr Elizabeth Griffin is a research astrophysicist, educated in the UK 
and carrying out research in Cambridge (UK) for 30 years, then in 
Oxford, and is now continuing those projects at the Dominion 
Astrophysical Observatory (Victoria, Canada). Early experience with 
photographic recording of data (before computers and CCDs were on the 
horizon) encouraged her to pioneer the rescue (through programmes of 
digitization) of the information on many of Astronomy's plates regarding 
stellar variability, and from there to team up with other similar 
projects in a diversity of scientific fields. She co-Chairs (with David 
Gallaher) an international WG for Data Rescue, and meets all types of 
reactions to Data Rescue, from hugely supportive to downright sceptical.

Following Elizabeth's presentation to the BESSIG, there will be a group 
discussion of opportunities and logistics for the workshop. As it offers 
the chance to bring data programs together from across the Front Range, 
we would like to identify workshop organizing committee members and 
workshop partners who can take the lead on planning and supporting a 
fantastic international event. Please bring your great ideas and data 
rescue experiences to share in this exciting conversation!

Full meeting information is available here:


If you're in Boulder next week, come on by!


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