[ESIP-all] Do you have a project you'd like to move to the cloud?

Ethan Davis edavis at ucar.edu
Fri Sep 25 12:51:12 EDT 2015

AGU's Thriving Earth Exchange and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are
collaborating to encourage the use of cloud-computing to advance solutions
to community challenges related to natural resources, climate change and
natural hazards. Their Sharing Solutions Challenge [1] is looking for
projects that have working prototypes that address community challenges
using Earth science data or tools. Winning projects will receive $15K in
grant funds for AWS cloud services.

The deadline for this opportunity is *16 Oct 2015*.

For the 8 Oct 2015 ESIP IT&I Rant and Rave seminar, Raj Pandya, Director of
the Thriving Earth Exchange, will be discussing and answering questions
about the Thriving Earth Exchange and the Sharing Solutions Call for
Projects. (More information on this Rant and Rave seminar will be coming
soon to the Rants & Raves page [2].)


Chair, ESIP IT&I

[1] http://thrivingearthexchange.org/sharing-solutions/

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