[ESIP-all] [CLEAN Network] CLEAN Network members reporting LIVE FROM PARIS - COP 21 - UN Conference on Climate Change- Dec 1 and Dec 8

Johanna Bozuwa bozuwa at earthday.net
Tue Nov 24 13:21:53 EST 2015

Hi All--

On the call, frank is referencing the #Youth4Climate campaign. Attached you will find the downloadable jpg that you can print, fill out, and take a picture to participate in the campaign. We are trying to lift up youth's voice at the COP and we would love to have youth give their perspective!

Here is an example of a tweet: https://twitter.com/EarthDayNetwork/status/666691712056729601

Let me know if you have any specific questions about the #Youth4Climate campaign. Happy to help!


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Subject: [CLEAN Network] CLEAN Network members reporting LIVE FROM PARIS - COP 21 - UN Conference on Climate Change- Dec 1 and Dec 8

Many of us who are engaged in Climate Education and Literacy activities will be attending the COP 21 UN Climate Change conference Nov 30th through Dec 12th.  Some will be reporting on their activities, especially with respect to the #Youth4Climate<https://www.climate.gov/teaching/climate-youth-engagement-events> campaign during the CLEAN Network teleconferences on Dec 1st and Dec 8th.  Everyone is invited to participate.

Information about the activities to be presented and the login/call in information can be found on the CLEAN Network teleconference page at http://cleanet.org/dev/clean/community/cln/telecon_schedule.html. The sessions will be recorded and posted for later viewing.

Hope you can participate.


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