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In case you missed it, the application deadline for the RDA/US Fellowship program including stipend and travel money is extended to 18 April.



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Application Deadline Extended for RDA/US Data Share Fellowship Program

RDA/US has extended its application deadline<https://www.rd-alliance.org/track/click/bdcb1966e9532/1de92ad4ba4> to April 18, 2016, for graduate students, postdoctoral students and early career professions to apply for its Data Share Fellowship Program.

The successful Fellows will engage in the RDA through carrying out self-proposed projects and through extensive networking and communication with the RDA community. The projects will be carried out independently, and be relevant to the goals and interests of an RDA Working, Interest, or Coordination Group (e.g., Technical Advisory Board).

Projects proposed by Fellows need to contribute to the RDA community through insight, effort or outreach. Previously funded projects can be found at http://us.rd-alliance.org/student-and-early-career-programs<https://www.rd-alliance.org/track/click/4524605d71533/1de92ad4ba4>. Fellows should identify 2 Working or Interest Groups in which they will participate during their Fellowship. Applicants are encouraged to reach out to the chairs of the groups to request a letter of support. Graduate students must also provide a letter of support from a research advisor or mentor at their home institution.

The Program duration is 12 or 18 months depending on the nature of the project; accordingly, Fellows will receive a $5000 or $10,000 stipend. The Program also covers travel to RDA plenaries during the duration of the fellowship (international and domestic travel). Fellows are required to participate in a cohort building orientation workshop held at the beginning of the fellowship.

Eligibility: The program seeks graduate students, postdoctoral students, or early career researchers. Graduate students and postdoctoral researchers must hold current appointment at an institution of higher education in the US; early career researchers must be employed at a US-based institution, have graduated with a relevant terminal degree, and be no more than three years beyond receipt of that degree.  Applications from traditionally underserved populations are strongly encouraged.

Criteria for selection: Applicants are sought from a variety of backgrounds: communications, social, natural and physical sciences, business, informatics, and computer science. The RDA Data Share program will look for a T-shaped skill set, where early signs of cross discipline competency and interest in data are combined with a deep competency in one discipline.

Additional criteria include: benefit to the applicant’s career trajectory, interest in and commitment to data sharing and open access; demonstrated ability to work in teams and to show results within a limited time framework.

To apply, visit http://us.rd-alliance.org/2016-2017-rdaus-fellows-application-form<https://www.rd-alliance.org/track/click/bdcb1966e9532/1de92ad4ba4>.


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