[ESIP-all] AGU Session proposals: due Wed, 4/20, coordinating doc available

Anne Wilson Anne.Wilson at lasp.colorado.edu
Tue Apr 12 14:25:44 EDT 2016

Hi all,

What would you like to get out the AGU 2016 Fall Meeting?  Do you have
research you would like to share?  Topics you would like to explore?  Now
your chance to effect that by proposing a session for the meeting.
The deadline is one week away.

A couple of points about sessions:

- Note that oral sessions formats are not limited to simply 15 minute
presentations.  Other possible formats include panel discussions and
lightning presentations of less than seven minutes.   Further information
about proposing such a session is provided below from the Fall Meeting
Program Committee.

- One may also propose a Union session, which is for topics with a broad
interest beyond a single section or focus group

- More information is here about types of sessions is here:

- Sessions may be "collaborative", i.e., they may be co-organized,
cross-listed, co-sponsered, or a SWIRL.   To help distinguish these
concepts, AGU has created a flow chart to help proposers navigate the
concepts and the submission process:

- Other session submission info is available at:

We have created a web page to help community members organize their
sessions: https://goo.gl/PsbVrO.

Thank you for thinking about this!


Anne Wilson, Lesley Wyborn
2016 Program Committee Representatives

[With apologies for cross posting!]

Proposed Alternate Session Format

The Fall Meeting Program Committee is offering the opportunity for Session
Conveners to propose sessions under alternate formats other than the
traditional eight to twelve speaker session format or traditional poster
session format. If you would like to propose a session to be considered for
a special format (panel discussion, lightning presentations of less than
seven minutes each (pop-up), etc.) please indicate your intention within
session proposal AND include a brief description of the proposed session in
the comment box. Replying Yes to this question DOES NOT guarantee the
acceptance of your proposal, an oral session allocation, or suggested oral
or poster session format.

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