[ESIP-all] Are you in the Denver, Colorado USA area and interested in Apache Spark? Attend this no-cost educational event at Galvanize Denver on April 26, 2016 from 6 to 9PM!

Timothy P Fries timfries at us.ibm.com
Thu Apr 21 17:19:56 EDT 2016

Hi, I just attended a USGS web conference today and was made aware of the 
ESIP organization. 

I assume from the wiki that there are many Earth scientists in the 
organization that would like to learn about the latest open source 
analytics technologies.

Perhaps some of the ESIP members in the Denver, Colorado area might be 
interested in this Apache Spark education? Please post this message to all 
list members, thanks!


Hello, ESIP members, I'm writing to bring a no-cost education event to 
your attention. This session is focused on open source Apache Spark, which 
IBM describes as "the operating system for analytics."

If you are looking for a faster and better way to analyze big data, this 3 
hour meetup to network with colleagues and understand this game-changing 
technology on this next Tuesday, April 26th at Galvanize Denver is for 

Spark is a cross-over next generation analytics technology that can be 
applied successfully to multiple types of scientific and non-scientific 
processing while improving throughput and lowering costs versus 
technologies like MapReduce. 

Spark has come a long way since this article (
https://www.constellationr.com/content/spark-fire-why-all-hype) on the 
strengths of Spark was written almost a year ago - this is your chance to 
experience and discuss the latest Spark technologies. 

To illustrate Spark in a scientific example, the authors of this paper (
http://www.istc-cc.cmu.edu/publications/papers/2015/adam.pdf) describe 
ADAM, an example genomics pipeline that leverages the open-source Apache 
Spark and Parquet systems to achieve a 28x speed-up over current genomics 
pipelines, while reducing cost by 63%.  They go on to distill a set of 
techniques for implementing scientific analyses efficiently using 
commodity "big data" systems.  To demonstrate the generality of their 
architecture, they implemented a scalable astronomy image processing 
system which achieves a 2.8 - 8.9x improvement over the state-of-the-art 
Message Passing Interface-based system.

To RSVP:  Please register for this no cost meetup by sending an email to 
ascdc at us.ibm.com with a Subject Line of: "Please confirm me for the April 
26th Galvanize Denver Spark Meetup Registration, <your name>, <your 
affiliation>, <your title>" for confirmation.

More information about the meetup and how to register for the event are 
below, hope to see you there!

Title: "What is all the Hype about w/ Apache Spark"
Date:  April 26th,  6:00 - 9:00pm
Location:   Galvanize Denver - 1644 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202 

Description: Come learn more about open source Apache Spark. Topics 
covered include Data Wrangling, Spark SQL, Data Visualization, Jupyter 
Notebooks and Machine Learning all with Apache Spark. See a live demo in 
Jupyter notebook of analyzing the effect of weather on professional 

IBM's Spark Evangelist Carlo Appugliese (
https://www.linkedin.com/in/carloappugliese) and members of his team have 
presented these topics and others to large Federal audiences in DC 
recently to rave reviews.

Sponsored by: IBM 
Pizza and Refreshments provided by IBM


Tim Fries
Software Client Architect - SWG US Federal CTO, US Citizen Support Program
The Open Group and IBM Certified IT Architect
Cell: 303-870-9416 (Please note new cell number!)
Internet - timfries at us.ibm.com
AIM and Yahoo IM: timfries943

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