[ESIP-all] 2016 Fall AGU Session IN011: " Collaborations and Partnerships to Provide Data Stewardship in an Interdisciplinary, Big Data World"

Kenneth Casey - NOAA Federal kenneth.casey at noaa.gov
Wed Jun 22 11:08:02 EDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce IN011 (Session ID 14130) on *Collaborations and
Partnerships to Provide Data Stewardship in an Interdisciplinary, Big Data
World* at the 2016 Fall American Geophysical Union meeting on 12-16
December 2016in San Francisco, California.

Please consider submitting an abstract for this Earth and Space Science
Informatics session. AGU 2016 Meeting information is available at
https://fallmeeting.agu.org/2016/ .

*Please note – the deadline for abstracts is 3** August 2016**.*

*IN011: **Collaborations and Partnerships to Provide Data Stewardship in an
Interdisciplinary, Big Data World**:*

*As Earth science research moves towards a system-wide interdisciplinary
perspective, researchers from outside domain communities will be accessing
new, unfamiliar data. Additionally, meeting the needs of users becomes more
complex in the high volume, velocity and variety environment of the Big
Data era. There is a need to ensure these data are accessible, usable and
understandable to the Earth science community. Data stewardship addresses
these needs through collaboration with a range of community partners. The
community, which includes data producers, consumers, and facilities that
are defined loosely as organizations whose primary mission includes the
receipt and dissemination of digital data, defines data stewardship
services in various ways and relies on partnerships across governmental,
academic and commercial domains to implement them. This session solicits
submissions from the earth and environmental data community members on how
they define data stewardship and tackle its associated challenges in an
interdisciplinary, Big Data research context.*

We look forward to hearing from you and thank your for considering this
opportunity to share your research and applications insights.  Please
forgive us if you receive multiple postings as we are seeking to distribute
this announcement broadly to reach as many disciplines as appropriate.


Kenneth S. Casey, NOAA
kenneth.casey at noaa.gov

Timothy Owen, NOAA
tim.owen at noaa.gov

Stephen Berrick, NASA
Stephen.W.Berrick at nasa.gov

Kaylin Bugbee, University of Alabama in Huntsville
KBugbee at itsc.uah.edu
[NOTE: The opinions expressed in this email are those of the author alone
and do not necessarily reflect official NOAA, Department of Commerce, or US
government policy.]

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