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Margaret Mooney Margaret.Mooney at ssec.wisc.edu
Mon Jul 18 09:54:13 EDT 2016

Tune in to six short talks related to *Recreational Drones and STEM 
Education* Tuesday July 19 via two 30-minute sessions!

**Remote Participation Link** https://www.gotomeeting.com/join/764163477
**Remote Participation Access Code** 764-163-481
**Remote Participation Phone #** +1 (224) 501-331

*10-10:30am EST*

*Sensors and Drones: Connecting for Science*
Lindsay Barbieri, UVM
/Exploration of connecting & using earth monitoring sensors with 
recreational drones (carbon dioxide sensor, wind, thermal and imagery: 
RGB and near infrared camera and multi-spectral cameras)/

*Placed Based Learning: Pairing Satellite and Drone Data*
Preston Lewis, NASA
/Using the MY NASA DATA Live Access Server, you can pair your Drone 
collected data with NASA Earth System Science data to better understand 
what’s going on in your backyard (Your schoolyard too)!/

*The Modern Blanket Toss: STEM Outreach in Rural Alaska with UAVs*
Kirk Hogenson, ASF, University of Alaska
/The Modern Blanket Toss is a program through which high school students 
perform experiments using unmanned aerial vehicles (Quad-rotor and 
Hexcopter UAVs), GPS tracking devices and Geographic Information Systems 
(GIS)  to to perform experiments and activites that help their 
communities, such as search and rescue or charting sea ice.


*11-11:30am EST*

*Droning in New Zealand: flying a DJI Phantom and generating 3D models 
from imagery*
Sean Barberie, UAF
/Lessons learned from a proven methodology where “small aircrafts answer 
big questions” easily duplicated in STEM education./

*Drone Resources Catalog: Examples of Drone Activity in the Earth Sciences*
Kush Bhakta, NASA (GSFC Intern)
/This presentation will showcase the ESIP Drone Resource Catalog which 
attempts to document drone-based earth science projects and software 
within the drone community -and- describe the experience of implementing 
drones into undergraduate research from the perspective of a first-year 
college student./

*Comparing drone cameras with instruments on polar-orbiting satellites *
Presenter: Margaret Mooney, CIMSS
/Recreational drones provide the perfect stepping stones for G6-12 
students to consider undergraduate research projects or careers in 
remote sensing./ /This talk explores similarities and differences 
between aerial photography collected by drones and digital data acquired 
during satellite flyovers, including a very cool way to acquire 
satellite images via the SatCam app./

These short talks are part of an all-day ESIP Educator Workshop in 
Durham, NC.
You can view the full agenda here: http://commons.esipfed.org/node/9109


*Margaret Mooney*
CIMSS Education and Public Outreach
(608) 265-2123

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