[ESIP-all] AGU SEssion PA015: Earth Science in Service to the Sustainable Development Goals

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 Hi ESIP Community  -

You’re all invited to submit abstracts to our AGU session: *Earth Science
in Service to the Sustainable Development Goals*

(or, as Zdenka likes to say, Session PA015).

Here’s a quick summary of it:

U.N. *Agenda 2030* is a global development agenda for progress on economic,
social and environmental sustainability. Seventeen Goals and associated
Targets and Indicators anchor this *Agenda 2030*. There are specific
provisions about uses of Earth observations, geospatial, and statistical
information.  There is a strong need for specific examples of how Earth
science can address specific Goals, Targets, and Indicators. Organizations
are developing methods and solutions that countries and stakeholders can
use in their planning, tracking, and reporting. Strong examples are a key

This session invites submissions of examples and proposed methods for uses
of Earth science data for specific Goals, Targets, and Indicators. We
encourage examples done in collaboration with national statistical offices,
such as the US Census Bureau, so they include the statistical basis that UN
entities are familiar with. Submissions on natural capital accounting and
ecosystem services valuation are welcome.

This is AGU Session ID 13489, and it’s in the Public Affairs Section/Focus

Egads, the deadline for abstract submission is *August 3, 2016*.

Here’s the link to the session:

And, here’s the link to submit abstracts:

Thanks for considering this

*Lawrence Friedl, *NASA Earth Science

*Timothy Trainor, *US Census Bureau

*Zdenka S Willis, *NOAA IOOS

*Christa D Peters-Lidard, *NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

*Argie Kavvada, *BoozAllenHamilton at NASA Earth Science

*Bob Samors*, Group on Earth Observations


Lawrence Friedl, Director
NASA Applied Sciences Program      +1.202.358.7200  phone
Earth Science Division                      +1.202.358.2770  fax
Science Mission Directorate             LFriedl at nasa.gov
NASA Headquarters
Washington, DC  20546                    http://AppliedSciences.NASA.gov

For scheduling, please contact Kathy Carroll (202.358.7200,
kathryn.a.carroll at nasa.gov).
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