[ESIP-all] Request for Comment: Software Guidelines Progression and Scenario Drafts

soren scott sorenscott at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 02:45:37 EDT 2016

Morning all,

Following up on the software assessment sessions in Durham, we have a
conceptual model for progression (it's exciting) and scenarios to go with
the stakeholder use cases. We're going old school (Google Docs editable by
anyone at this link) and if there's interest in a discussion about one or
the other, let me know and we can arrange a telecon (the progression is

Progression draft:


Use Cases and Scenarios draft:


The existing draft is available here:


with final revisions, progression discussion pending, uploaded soon.

Reminder, if you have comments for interoperability or notebooks as code or
documentation, please get in touch.

Thank you,


Soren Scott
Research Coder
The Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship
soren.scott at ronininstitute.org
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