[ESIP-all] GES DISC Manager Vacancy Announcement

Kempler, Steven J. (GSFC-5860) steven.j.kempler at nasa.gov
Tue Oct 18 15:46:38 EDT 2016

Just received the word that applying for the NASA GES DISC Manager position opens tomorrow.  Steve

Your position has posted to open on 10/19/16 and closes on 11/9.

Please see the direct link to your vacancy: http://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/453685100


As a Scientist or Computer Engineer specializing in data systems, you will be responsible for providing overall direction for the GES DISC. This includes: development of annual workplans; responsibility for a multi-million dollar budget; planning to support mission and science requirements from project, program, national and international partners; development of advanced information processing tools to enhance the analysis and delivery of scientific data; and leading a team of engineers, scientists, operators, and system administrators responsible for developing and operating the system.

Manage all activities necessary to ensure the efficient development and operation of a data system that meets all science and project requirements. The scope of this work includes: adaptable data services applications for data discovery, visualization and access; integration of new data products from satellite missions, assimilation models and field experiments; sustaining engineering and development of the data system infrastructure software and hardware.

Represents the GES DISC for interfaces with project and program elements, project scientists and principal investigators, the scientific community and the GES DISC User Working Group. Applies an understanding of science and other community practices in finding, accessing and using the resulting data products. Develops mechanisms to continually evaluate progress, reassess requirements, and evaluate performance metrics related to GES DISC operation and data distribution. Seeks out and advocates development of advanced information processing tools to enhance the analysis and delivery of scientific data and information in support of Earth and space science research activities.

Presents at science and data system conferences and workshops. Develops external contacts, seek potential partners and write proposals for new work. For example, providing data system and services support for new missions or new models; finding creative ways to combine or contrast heterogeneous data; demonstrating innovative approaches to data management or provisioning of user services; and demonstrating the viability of new technology such as cloud based data services.
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