[ESIP-all] ESIP Winter Meeting - Geosemantics Symposium

Narock, Thomas tnarock at ndm.edu
Mon Oct 24 15:49:25 EDT 2016

ESIP's Semantic Technologies Committee will be hosting a one day GeoSemantics Symposium. The event will take place on Tuesday January 10th, one day prior to the start of the ESIP Winter meeting, and will be held at the same location as the Winter Meeting. The intention is to bring together the geoscience community interest in Semantic Web, and more broadly Semantic Technologies, to discuss potential collaborations, reuse, and road mapping. We’d like to fully leverage all of the semantic work happening in our respective communities, avoid duplication of effort, and come up with a community-endorsed path forward. Any interested ESIP member is welcome to attend. We are also reaching out to external groups such as RDA, OGC, and EarthCube in an attempt to gather broad community engagement.

At this point, we are beginning to work out logistics with ESIP staff and would like to gather initial interest. For those that have already reached out to me, thank you for your interested and you’ve been included in the list of potential attendees. If anyone else is potentially interested in this event please email me. We’d like to get a rough head count to reserve appropriate meeting space.

Agenda is still to be determined. Join us tomorrow (10/25) at 4pm for our first agenda discussion at the Semantic Technologies committee’s October call. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

Tom Narock
Chair, ESIP Semantic Technologies Committee
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