[ESIP-all] ESIP of the Year Nomination Period Still Open!

Danie Kinkade dkinkade at whoi.edu
Wed Nov 23 10:48:59 EST 2016

Hi ESIP Members,

Just a quick reminder that the nomination period for the /ESIP of the 
Year Award /is still open!   So, after your turkey coma has worn off, 
and your mind is drifting back to work-related obligations, turn your 
thoughts to ESIP and thanking an ESIP member who's work deserves 

The ESIP of the Year Award <http://esipfed.org/esip-year-partner-award> 
was created to acknowledge member organizations that best exemplify the 
spirit of ESIP.  Members are free to nominate any active ESIP 
organization, including their own.  The nomination process involves 
filling out a short form describing how the member organization has 
collaborated though ESIP to successfully meet and overcome a challenge.

The nomination period is open until 30 November, after which the 
Partnership Committee will meet to determine the award recipient and 
present the award at the upcoming Winter Meeting.  So, think of your 
nomination as giving a well-deserved thanks to a fellow ESIP member for 
their hard work and dedication to the information sciences!

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!
Danie Kinkade, Partnership Chair

Danie Kinkade
Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office
Department of Biology
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
266 Woods Hole Road, MS#36
Woods Hole, MA  02543

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