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My apologies. I seem to always forget the time zone in the Doodle polls. Doodle won’t let me edit an existing poll so please note that all times in the poll are Eastern time.


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ESIP colleagues,

The Center for Open Science (COS) has recently developed a preprint infrastructure around their Open Science Framework.  COS is currently deploying instances of preprint services in various domains and has had initial discussions with ESIP regarding the creation of an Earth science instance. COS would like to host a new preprint service for the Earth sciences with ESIP handling governance, advertising, and advisory roles. To this end, I’d like to form a new ESIP Cluster to explore this further. The new Earth Science Pre-print Cluster will help COS explore an Earth science preprint service. Cluster members will address topics such digital publication, indexing taxonomies, citation standards, advertising, and related issues surrounding shared governance and community building. There is a lot of overlap with existing ESIP activities that I hope we can leverage. After deployment of the preprint service the Cluster would serve as an overarching advisory group interfacing with COS, and the ESIP community, on the pre-publication of data and research in the Earth sciences.

This Doodle poll https://doodle.com/poll/2cirkf78bardtn88 has 4 time slot suggestions for an initial cluster kick-off call. Please express your interest and availability on the poll. If you can’t attend any of the telecom times, but are interested in the new cluster, email me at tnarock at ndm.edu<mailto:tnarock at ndm.edu> and I’ll make sure to keep you posted of future developments.

Tom Narock

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