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To those interested,

These topics seem to also fit well with a session that has been proposed for the 2017 Fall AGU meeting, entitled “Quality and Trustworthiness of Earth Science Data”.

This session is being convened as a collaboration between the ESIP Information Quality Cluster (IQC) and the NASA Data Quality Working Group (DQWG).

The conveners are looking for authors to include as invited speakers, so please let me know your recommendations. Perhaps someone representing the “Trusted Data Concepts” from TDWI and the “Data Seal of Approval” from the World Data System would be good candidates.

More details on this session can be found here: https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm17/preliminaryview.cgi/Session26458

There is a separate Fall AGU session on “Trustworthy Data Repositories to Increase the Visibility and Value of Your Research Data”, with the focus primarily on the “repositories”, where the previous session I mentioned has a primary focus on the data. Perhaps this latter session would be a more ideal fit toward the concepts put forth by Bob Downs. Here is the link for more info on this latter session: https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm17/preliminaryview.cgi/Session25933


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Also, the following announcement might be of interest, with my apologies for duplicate messages received.

The Primary Trustworthy Digital Repository Authorization Body Ltd. (PTAB) has been accredited to carry out ISO 16363:2012 - Audit and certification of trustworthy digital repositories - audits and certify compliant repositories as Trustworthy Digital Repositories. The audits are carried out in accordance with ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 - Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems -- Part 1 and ISO 16919:2014 - Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of candidate trustworthy digital repositories.

Long before it first became an approved standard in 2002, many repositories had adopted the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) (ISO 14721) as a reference model to better understand what would be needed from digital preservation systems. Institutions began to declare themselves ‘OAIS-compliant’ to underscore the trustworthiness of their digital repositories. However, there was no established understanding of ‘OAIS-compliance’ beyond being able to apply OAIS terminology to describe their archive. Establishing clear criteria to identify trustworthy repositories has been recognized as early as 2002 as vital to ensure that our valuable digitally encoded information will continue to be understandable and usable. Claims of trustworthiness are easy to make but until now have been difficult to justify or objectively prove. In 2007 a working group that included many of the authors of OAIS (ISO 14721) began developing additional standards to address this need: ISO 16363 lists criteria a trustworthy digital repository should meet, ISO 16919 provides requirements for the organizations that will carry out audits and certifications of digital repositories. These two standards, together with ISO 17021-1, provide the instrument for auditing candidate trustworthy digital repositories in an internationally agreed way in the same way that so many aspects of our lives depend on ISO certification for example in food safety, information security and environmental management systems. International agreements ensure that certifications are recognized around the world.

PTAB is the first organization in the world to receive this accreditation. Hopefully others will follow. In the mean time, you will begin to see ISO-certified Trustworthy Digital Repositories as the PTAB begins auditing candidate repositories. For more information see http://www.iso16363.org/.


Bob Downs

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Hi, Karen:

Attached are the criteria from the joint Data Seal of Approval and ICSU World Data System. It came up in one of the fall telecons last year of the ASPRS DPAC (Data Preservation and Archiving Committee). The USGS is considering adopting this means to judge digital repositories. I think the DPAC is trying to tackle the same general question regarding TDR as is your cluster.


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Greetings ESIP,

The Disasters Lifecycle cluster is tackling the question “What is Trusted Data?” at the ESIP Summer meeting in July. We are seeking examples of certification processes to help inform possible strategies we might recommend to ESIP.

Please help us by identifying existing candidates that we can examine, for data or even devices, that will guide our discussions about various aspects of validation / certification steps that might be relevant to ESIP members’ data and services.

Although our initial focus will be on data for disasters decision making, the thinking is that we might come up with a template for identifying trusted data for many geospatial applications. Based on our collaborations with the All Hazards Consortium, we are pursuing inputs from some folks in FEMA, but I suspect that NOAA and USGS might have useful perspectives, as well as insurance and other private-sector entities.

Appreciate your help in tracking down contacts, examples, websites, etc.

What Do We Mean by “Trusted” Data?
This interactive breakout session will build on initial work in the Disasters Lifecycle Cluster addressing Trusted Data concepts (derived from www.tdwi.org<http://www.tdwi.org/>). The goal is to develop a working definition of Trusted Data for data sets supporting disasters-related activities, however clarifying the characteristics and features will be relevant to other ESIP data domains. In recent work with the All Hazards Consortium on Data Driven Decision Making, our 3DM workshops, we see a need for a more precise definition of Trusted Data as we discover, test and validate data sets for operational use. We plan to leverage relevant lessons learned from disaster preparedness exercises such as Cascadia Rising, and experience with socio-economic data at CIESIN. We will also review complementary work on Operational Readiness Levels (ORLs) for maturing data sets through the ESIP Geo-Collaborate Testbed, with an end goal of validating or certifying resulting data sets as Trusted.

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