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Dear Colleagues:

I would like to invite you to an exciting set of short talks and discussion
focused on transparent science and open data practices in the cryosphere
community, that will be held on Friday 22 September at 9 am Alaska Time (1
pm eastern).

This event is hosted by the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee
(IARPC)   Glaciers & Sea-level Collaboration Team. At this meeting, we have
three speakers who have agreed to lead a discussion on science transparency
and open data. Here is part of what each brings to the meeting as
discussion material:

Anthony Arendt – University of Washington, High Mountain Asia project,
Geohack week

Lora Koenig – National Snow and Ice Data Center, SUMup data set release

Fiamma Straneo – Scripps Institution of Oceanography, GRISO Research
Coordination Network Group

We are planning a discussion session about data centers, common formatting
of data and metadata, tools for versioning and how open data policy and
science transparency are impacting our work. How do we shift our culture to
embrace and leverage the data sharing and integration tools that are
beginning to emerge?

*We invite all interested researchers and stakeholders to
participate in our fourth meeting on 22 September 2017 at 9:00 AM Alaska
Time (1:00 pm EST)*.

*How to participate?*

If you don’t already have one, request an account on IARPC Collaborations
<http://www.iarpccollaborations.org/request-account.html>, where
information is shared among the 1000+ members of the Arctic research
community. Once you have an account,  join our collaboration team
<http://www.iarpccollaborations.org/members/people/teams/3> and you will
automatically be notified of upcoming collaboration team meetings via
email. You may also *RSVP and view the connection information for our next
meeting here. <http://www.iarpccollaborations.org/members/events/7790>*

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