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Neat opportunity to tell *your* data story!

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Calling Storytellers!

Reliable data are essential to solving our biggest public health and
environmental challenges, from drinking water quality to climate change.
Our society will only invest in data collection, however, if we can show
how data improve human lives. We need to tell data’s stories.

Data Refuge is a community-driven, collaborative project to preserve and
promote collection of and access to climate and environmental data,
understood in a broad sense. We are working together to document the many
ways diverse communities use data today--and so to advocate for its
creation and preservation in the future. We want to hear your data stories!
Read more about our ongoing work at datarefuge.org.

To get your storytelling juices flowing, the Philadelphia-based Data
Storytelling team is awarding microgrants: ten awards of $2000 each.
Recipients will showcase their data stories at a fall 2019 event (a hybrid
storytelling festival and research conference meets art show) in
Washington, D.C. at the headquarters of the National Geographic Society and
organized by the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities. A suite of
publications, visualizations, and further public engagements will result
from this meeting.
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