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> The abstract deadline for AGU is coming right up: *due Aug 1*. Join us
> and help chart a course for reproducible, transparent science. Submit your
> abstract here:
> https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm18/prelim.cgi/Session/51890
> *IN034: Enabling Transparency and Reproducibility in Science Through
> Practical Provenance Frameworks*
> Reproducible science is critical to both researchers and society.
> Exposing the provenance of research products enables researchers to fully
> understand computational workflows that led to a result, and is key for
> computational reproducibility that builds trust in science. Provenance
> information includes metadata about the structure of scientific workflows,
> input data and parameters, output data and products like figures and
> graphs, and software that was executed in the workflow.  With provenance,
> researchers can understand an analysis, guide interpretation of scientific
> results, propose alternative analysis, and re-execute workflows. Recording
> all of this in practical systems that are easy to use and available to the
> research community remains a challenge. This session will bring together
> different communities working on provenance to explore advances and best
> practice representing, capturing, and using provenance. Talks and
> demonstrations of tools and methods supporting provenance capture, editing,
> and use of provenance for reproducible science are encouraged.
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