[ESIP-all] invitation to participate in a study on research data governance

Inna Kouper inkouper at indiana.edu
Thu Aug 30 15:09:45 EDT 2018


if you work with research data (in any capacity), please consider the
invitation below. We're interested in the opinions of the earth science



you’re invited to participate in a survey on the governance of research
data, or how various individuals and institutions make decisions regarding
research data collection, analysis, and sharing. Data governance is an
essential conversation in today’s ever-evolving research as effective data
governance ensures research data is available, useable, and consistent
across the lifespan of research.

The survey is anonymous and takes about 20 minutes to complete. We are
looking for individuals who work with research data in the US both in and
outside of academia.

To access the survey, please use this link bit.ly/data-govn-survey

And please feel free to forward this email to anyone you believe might be

Thank you for your consideration,

Inna Kouper, Angie Raymond, Stacey Giroux, and Sydney Arnold
Indiana University
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