[ESIP-all] Seeking Community Input on a SpatioTemporal Feature Registry

Annie Burgess annieburgess at esipfed.org
Tue Oct 16 13:51:54 EDT 2018

USGS is building a National Biogeographic Map
<https://maps.usgs.gov/biogeography/>, which requires a reliable data
source with a wide variety of identified places. These places need to be
assembled in a sustainable and robust way that keeps track of provenance
and processing steps to ensure derived reports for decisionmakers are
trustworthy and consistent. To facilitate conversations around how best to
build this system, USGS is *seeking community input* through an ESIP Lab
idea campaign

Key Design Principals:
1. A feature within the SpatioTemporal Feature Registry (SFR) is a
real-world place with spatial and temporal properties.
2. Don’t think of this as a database of features. Think of it as a set of
community-contributed open codes that do work to integrate and synthesize
features for many uses.
3. A feature’s data source must be referenceable and accessible with
software code.
4. Semantic methods will identify and expose associations between features
beyond spatiotemporal proximity-type relationships. A challenge will be how
to balance a distributed and possibly transient data system with the need
to build, store, and serve relationships discovered dynamically between
heterogeneous endmembers.
5. It would be useful to build at least one ‘master index’ to make
everything discovered searchable through an API that people can build on.

Want to know more or? Sky Bristol walks through the SpatioTemporal Feature
Registry here <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7T59-H_W4o&feature=youtu.be>
with an associated notebook here

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