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Parsons, Mark parsom3 at rpi.edu
Fri Nov 30 11:28:30 EST 2018

Hello everybody,

As you may know, the ESIP Data Stewardship Committee spun off a subgroup to update the ESIP Data Citation Guidelines. We are proceeding apace, but also have grander ambitions to address issues of identification, reference, and citation of research objects writ large, including at least data, software, and documents; and probably more things like instruments, algorithms, samples, etc.

Therefore, we have formed a new Cluster. Our focus for the next couple months will be the basic update to the current guidelines, then we’ll start grappling with the more complex issue, which we have only begun to define. We will be presenting a report during the State of ESIP session.

All are welcome to join, but we’re scrambling for AGU right now, we’ll be more coherent next year.

Indeed, I look forward  to seeing many of you soon at AGU.

Happy weekend.


Mark A. Parsons
Senior Research Scientist
Tetherless World Constellation
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
 +1 303 941 9986
Skype: mark.a.parsons
mail: 1550 Linden Ave., Boulder CO 80304, USA

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