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Wed Dec 12 07:24:00 EST 2018

This event has been changed.

Title: ESIP Tech Dive Webinar
"Developing JupyterLab Extensions": Ian Rose (Berkeley)

Summary: JupyterLab extensions can customize or enhance any part of  
JupyterLab. They can provide new themes, file viewers and editors, or  
renderers for rich outputs in notebooks. Extensions can add items to the  
menu or command palette, keyboard shortcuts, or settings in the settings  
system. Extensions can provide an API for other extensions to use and can  
depend on other extensions. In fact, the whole of JupyterLab itself is a  
collection of extensions that are no more powerful or privileged than any  
custom extension. In this talk Ian will demonstrate how to build a  
JuptyerLab extension.

Join meeting:

computer, tablet or smartphone: https://www.gotomeeting.com/join/533510693

regular phone: United States: +1 (408) 650-3123, Access Code: 533-510-693

Speaker: Ian Rose is a postdoctoral fellow at the Berkeley Institute for  
Data Science, where he is a core developer on Project Jupyter, working on  
JupyterLab. He has a PhD in geophysics from Berkeley. (changed)
When: Thu Dec 13, 2018 3pm – 4pm Eastern Time - New York
Calendar: esip-all at lists.esipfed.org
     * rsignell at usgs.gov - organizer
     * esip-all at lists.esipfed.org
     * Ian Rose
     * cdi_tech_stack_work_group at usgs.gov
     * dblodgett at usgs.gov

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