[ESIP-all] DataONE Begins Transition to New Leadership

Amber E Budden aebudden at dataone.unm.edu
Tue Jan 15 09:05:36 EST 2019


Copied below is an email sent out the the DataONE mailing list this morning.


A new Management Team has been identified to lead DataONE
<https://www.dataone.org/> into 2020 and beyond. The DataONE project has
flourished under the insightful leadership of Bill Michener and the DataONE
Leadership Team <https://www.dataone.org/dataone_leadership_team>, and has
been managed for the last nine years under a cooperative agreement
with the National
Science Foundation <https://www.nsf.gov/> DataNet program. Bill Michener
and the current Leadership Team will continue to manage the remaining
project <https://www.dataone.org/future#terms> deliverables on the original
NSF-DataNet award through September 2019. In parallel, the new Management
Team will start in February 2019 to implement future initiatives for the
DataONE program <https://www.dataone.org/future#terms> and build
sustainable new sources of support for the organization. This new Management
Team <https://www.dataone.org/future#contact> is led by Matthew Jones as
Director, in collaboration with co-Directors Amber Budden (Education and
Engagement), Dave Vieglais (Technology), and Suzie Allard (Usability and
Assessment), thereby maintaining strong continuity with the current
leadership of DataONE. The change in leadership comes as Bill Michener,
project PI, and Rebecca Koskela, Executive Director, will be retiring from
the University of New Mexico after the NSF project ends.

As previously announced
<https://www.dataone.org/news/dataone-transitioning-future>, administrative
oversight of DataONE will transition in 2020 to the National Center for
Ecological Analysis and Synthesis <https://www.nceas.ucsb.edu/> at UC Santa
Barbara <https://www.ucsb.edu/>, which has been a key partner since the
inception of DataONE. DataONE will continue as a collaborative endeavor
spanning multiple institutions including UC Santa Barbara
<https://www.ucsb.edu/>, the University of Kansas <https://ku.edu/>,
the University
of Tennessee <https://www.utk.edu/>, and all current and future
participating member organizations of the DataONE network. Current
Leadership Team members, including representatives from repositories,
government agencies, libraries, and academia will continue to collaborate
on future DataONE initiatives. The DataONE program is also exploring new
partnerships that will expand services for the community and expand access
and reuse of research data, and we welcome new collaborators across all
relevant sectors in these endeavors.

Over the past decade, DataONE <https://www.dataone.org/> has grown from a
nascent project addressing the need for repository interoperability into a
robust, interoperable federation of dozens of member repositories spanning
the globe and providing unfettered access to earth and environmental
research data. DataONE has relied upon, and is grateful for, the
participation of hundreds of individuals who have served on working groups,
contributed or used data, operated repositories, collaborated on related
projects, joined our users group, or served on our advisory board. To build
capacity for enhanced collaboration and partnership, DataONE is planning
changes to the current user group structure, thereby enabling a more
diverse and invested membership and community-driven decision-making. We
anticipate broadening repository participation in DataONE, welcoming new
collaborating researchers and institutions, and transforming organizational
governance. DataONE community members will be invited to contribute to the
evolution of our model for community-driven repository interoperability as
we move forward, and frequent updates and announcements about future
changes will be provided at https://www.dataone.org/future.

Core DataONE services will continue to operate at UC Santa Barbara and the
University of Tennessee Knoxville in 2020 and beyond. All core services,
including onboarding <https://www.dataone.org/current-member-nodes> of new
repositories, data search <https://search.dataone.org>, infrastructure
services such as replication, citation and usage reporting
<https://www.dataone.org/news/new-usage-metrics>, and education and training
<https://www.dataone.org/education> activities will continue unabated, and
a number of exciting new services are being planned for announcement over
the next year.

Stay tuned <https://www.dataone.org/future> for news of these changes and
new capabilities through the next year and beyond as we evolve DataONE into
the future. If you have questions or suggestions, please see our web site
<https://www.dataone.org/future> or contact us at “info at dataone.org”.


Amber E Budden, PhD
Director, Community Engagement and Outreach
University of New Mexico
1312 Basehart SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

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