[ESIP-all] Farewell from ESIP to Lynn Yarmey, Director of Community Development for RDA/US and Secretariat Lead for Group Management

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Mon Aug 5 10:31:46 EDT 2019

Hi All - I wanted to pass along RDA's news that Lynn Yarmey, Director of
Community Development for RDA/US and Secretariat Lead for Group Management,
will be moving on from RDA later this month. The full email is shared by
Hilary Hanahoe, Secretary-General RDA below. We don't normally share news
like this with the entire community list, but Lynn has devoted much of her
career to the Earth science data community at Scripps and then NSIDC before
moving to RDA and is now moving to a position with the City of Boulder, so
it felt appropriate to acknowledge her contributions.

Lynn has a unique combination of depth of data stewardship experience and
expertise combined with diplomacy and community management skill. I worked
closely with Lynn over the last two years, as she stayed connected to the
Earth science community. First, Lynn helped me navigate the ESIP/RDA
relationship which led to the Earth, Space and Environmental Science
Interest Group within RDA, that serves as a conduit between RDA/ESIP. In
addition, Lynn was an often behind the scenes leader in her community
development role in the Enabling FAIR project
<https://copdess.org/enabling-fair-data-project/>. In this project she
navigated complex agendas in support of the broader goals of connecting
repositories and publishers. None of this work is done alone, but Lynn's
energy and dedication enabled all of us to move the needle toward making
data matter and I am grateful.

Since we are virtual communities, the farewell card is virtual. I would
encourage you to sign her Kudoboard here
that email address is not required) or send Lynn a note directly (cc'd).  To
respect this list, please do not reply to ESIP-ALL.


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Lynn Yarmey is moving on to new pastures

It is bittersweet to share that Lynn Yarmey
Director of Community Development for RDA/US and Secretariat Lead for Group
Management, after over 3 years of service is moving on to her next
endeavour with the City of Boulder in Colorado, USA.

Lynn came to RDA from the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center and it was
her grounding in the data community that allowed her to identify problems
and find solutions, mapping complex details to a clear big picture vision
and back again. For all of you that have interacted with Lynn, you will no
doubt appreciate her incredible talent and skill at bridging people, data,
and technology to connect communities and build consensus. She spent
countless hours supporting RDA - the business of RDA - so that you could
focus on the critical and necessary work of RDA.

You, the community, lose a leader, a manager, a person who always, always
flew your flag, who always had your best interests at heart. A tireless
community builder who drove at times but almost always was followed due to
her honest passion and dedication.

Lynn’s departure will be a huge loss to me and to the Secretariat as well.
I have always relied on her, know she understands the mechanisms, nuances,
intricacies of our beautiful community and I was always able to ask for and
receive truthful and honest contributions and feedback on all things RDA.
The Secretariat loses a pillar, a rock, a leader and it will be very deeply
felt. We will miss you so so much.

On the other hand, I am really delighted for Lynn. A whole new chapter, a
whole new adventure in her life. New beginnings are always exciting and
daunting but she will, as she has in RDA, totally rock this one. I only
hope the City of Boulder knows how truly lucky they are!

Thank you so much Lynn and the very best of luck for the future.

If you would like to share your well-wishes with Lynn, as a virtual
organization, we have a virtual card here
that email address is not required).  Lynn’s last day with us will be
Friday, August 16.

Hilary Hanahoe
*Secretary-General RDA*


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