[ESIP-all] Invitation to present/attend Esri Ocean and Atmospheric GIS Forum in Redlands{November 5-7, 2019}

Sudhir Shrestha SShrestha at esri.com
Wed Sep 11 12:53:16 EDT 2019

Hi All,

I'm writing to invite you to attend the Esri Ocean and Atmospheric GIS Forum<https://www.esri.com/en-us/about/events/ocean-gis-forum/overview> at our headquarters in Redlands, California, November 5-7, 2019. I thought it will be really nice if you could come and participate and share your work with large pool of developers, analysts and users. In this forum, we are offering various workshops, talks, sponsors, and new information and insights for this growing community. We are also extending a warm welcome (and focused content) to our Atmospheric and MetOcean users.

The work you are doing in Earth Science domain (Ocean + Atmosphere) and at ESIP is moving our larger Ocean and Atmospheric GIS community into new and profound areas, such as large scale data collection and processing, 3D and 4D analytics, new applications for imagery, IoT, and big data processing.

We are certain that attending this year's Forum will inspire innovative approaches from proven best practices, which will help 'close the gap' between your work, and the solutions our people and planet require.

What to Expect: Three Powerful Days of Networking, Learning, and Collaborating.

After a welcome from Esri Chief Scientist Dawn Wright, Joseph A. Pica will present the keynote address on Tuesday, November 5. Mr. Pica serves as Deputy Director at the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).

The morning will continue with a more technical presentation from Dr. Sandy MacDonald, Director of Spire Weather, who will share how his organization identifies, tracks and predicts weather systems, and delivers these models and data via the ArcGIS platform. We will cap the morning off with an inspiring and informative presentation from Dr. Sylvia Earle, whose "Mission Blue" is recognizing, empowering and supporting individuals and communities around the world in their efforts to protect the ocean by documenting and mapping Hope Spots.

On Wednesday, November 6th we feature the Technical Plenary, where feature a unique set of Ocean and Atmospheric analysis demonstrations, with out-of-the-box functionality that will inspire your work across several application areas. Included in the Tech Plenary topics are the following:

  *   Machine Learning for Ocean Plastics
  *   Space Time Cubes
  *   Multidimensional analytical tools
  *   Map comparison workflows
  *   Applied Big Data analysis
  *   Data Automation

We will have several post-conference workshops to choose from on Thursday, November 7:

  *   Insights for ArcGIS with Ocean Data
  *   Field Operations and Story Maps
  *   Web AppBuilder and Configurable Apps
  *   Using Drone2Map
  *   ArcGIS Pro Basics for Science
  *   Advanced Analytical Workflows for Ocean and Atmospheric Science

Also attending are business partners, distributors, and Esri staff, who will be presenting an array of new applications and current advancements in GIS applications and analytics.

Please join us at Esri headquarters and get involved by submitting a map, app, or paper<http://www.esri.com/events/ocean/get-involved>-to inspire your peers from this thriving community of mutli-D GIS practitioners!

Let me know if you have any questions and please pass it along to your colleagues as well.

Best regards,

Sudhir Raj Shrestha, GISP | Solution Engineer Researcher
Esri | 8615 Westwood Center Drive
Vienna, VA 22182 | USA
T 703.506.9515 x8153 | M 571.888.1516
sshrestha at esri.com<mailto:sshrestha at esri.com>  | esri.com<http://www.esri.com/>
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