[ESIP-all] Tom Augspurger (Microsoft AI for Earth) @ ESIP ML Cluster Telecon (5/21)

Cindy Lin cindylky at umich.edu
Tue May 18 19:55:46 EDT 2021

Dear ESIP Community,

The ESIP Machine Learning Cluster is hosting a talk this *Friday, May 21,
12 pm ET/9 am PT*.

For this week's meeting, we are honored to have *Tom Augspurger *from
AI for Earth* give a talk. We would love to have you there in attendance!


*Title:* Scalable Geospatial Analysis

*Abstract: *Working with geospatial data can be challenging, regardless of
the scale. We'll see how Microsoft's Planetary Computer is using STAC and
Dask to facility large-scale geospatial data analysis. We'll use the
Planetary Computer's STAC catalog to find the data matching some
conditions, and a Dask cluster to process the data in parallel.

*Bio: *Tom is a software engineer at Microsoft where he’s working on the
Planetary Computer. He’s worked on open-source libraries like pandas, Dask,
and has been involved with the Pangeo community.

Meeting Agenda doc:

*Cindy Lin*
phd candidate | school of information + STS
university of michigan, ann arbor
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