[ESIP-all] Fwd: [CRYOLIST] Cryosphere analysis tool "box"?

Jonathan Petters jpetters at vt.edu
Thu May 20 12:03:13 EDT 2021

DataONE does have a Software Tools catalog
<https://old.dataone.org/all-software-tools>, but I don't know that it's
being updated currently....it's only on their old website as far as I can

Perhaps someone from DataONE can weigh in!

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> Sharing with our community in case anyone has any input for Twila.
> AB
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> Subject: [CRYOLIST] Cryosphere analysis tool "box"?
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> Hi cryosphere colleagues -
> I’m wondering if anyone has already created or is creating some kind of
> online dashboard that links to all of the amazing analysis tools our
> community has now created?
> I can think of places where some exist, like Ghub (
> https://vhub.org/groups/ghub). Might this or another “umbrella”
> site/organization be a good place to expand to capture a more comprehensive
> library of tools? Or maybe this exists/is under construction and simply
> needs more community awareness?
> Thank you,
> Twila
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