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Hi all -

I'd like to share the most recent ESIP Lab <http://esipfed.org/lab> RFP.
This opportunity is focused on developing project-based learning
opportunities for scientists to increase their technical savvy. ESIP Lab
projects last 6 – 8 months, with a maximum budget of $10,000.

Proposals related to the following needs in the earth science community
will be given priority:

   - Modernization of earth science workflows using community-recommended
   best practices — the use of open-source software and cloud computing are
   - Cloud computing use cases for earth science — creation of
   well-documented notebooks showing how to collect, distribute, or analyze
   earth science data in the cloud.
   - Extension of open source software critical to collecting,
   distributing, fusing, or analyzing earth science data.
   - Comparison or assessment of Machine Learning or Deep Learning
   techniques with controlled datasets and/or using well-defined benchmarks.

Although this RFP will give priority to proposals addressing the bulleted
topics above, other high-quality proposals will also be given consideration.

For more information, check out the full RFP at: https://www.esipfed.org/rfp


Ann Bryant Burgess, PhD

Lab Director <https://www.esipfed.org/about/leadership/staff/annie-burgess>,

esipfed.org | (800) 881-9418

*ESIP is supported by NASA, NOAA & USGS.*
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