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Thanks for dialing into our telecon today.  Here is a quick recap

  *   ESIP Winter 2015 presentations are now available on our ESIP wiki page (http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Cloud_Computing)
  *   GMU is in process of expanding its cloud computing infrastructure from 26 nodes to hundreds of computing node.  Phil will be providing period update to this group on their progress as well as challenges.
  *   On-premise and hybrid cloud discussions.  We will spend the next few telecons to focus on building and managing private cloud infrastructure.  We briefly talked about Eucalyptus commercial licensing, OpenStack, Cloud Appliance like Nebula Inc. Bondo, and Scalar for cloud management.  In the coming telecons, we will have presenters share their experience on building and managing private and hybrid cloud environment.  Current list of presenters: Phil Yang/GMU, Hook Hua/JPL, and Jonathan Chiang/JPL.
  *   A couple of us are involved in the ESDIS-funded cloud activities.  We plan to have a show and tell session in the Summer ESIP meeting.


Thomas and Phil.

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