[Esip-cloud] Are you or someone you know working on cool advances in cloud-optimized data formats and access?

Aimee Barciauskas aimee at developmentseed.org
Thu May 13 20:59:21 EDT 2021

Hello Cloud Computing Cluster Mailing List!

The ESIP Cloud Computing Cluster's session "The Saga Continues:
Cloud-Optimized Data Formats" was accepted to the ESIP Summer Session 🥳

   - Here is the summer session website:
   - Here is the session page:
   - Here is our session proposal:

We want to invite 4 speakers to share examples of cloud-optimized data
formats and existing products in these formats including but not limited to
MRF+CRF, Zarr, EPT, COG, NetCDF4/HDF5, Grib2, TileDB. We would like to
share advances and best practices in building cloud-friendly datasets and
services and adapting to support archival formats, such as Zarr metadata
for NetCDF4/HDF5.

*If you have recommendations on who should present at this session (or ways
to run the session to add to its value and outputs), please let me
or @Sudhir Shrestha - NOAA Federal <sudhir.shrestha at noaa.gov>  know and we
will review all recommendations and reach out to potential speakers.*

Aimee, Sudhir, Rob and Rich
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