[Esip-cloud] ESIP Cloud Computing Cluster Monday September 27: STAC for Public Datasets and MS Planetary Computer

Aimee Barciauskas aimee at developmentseed.org
Wed Sep 22 11:59:48 EDT 2021

Hello ESIP Cloud Computing Cluster Members!

We are excited to have member Matt Hanson of Element84 presenting on STAC
for public datasets. During the past year have focused on some but not all
cloud-optimized data formats, such as Zarr and TileDB and Entwine Point
Tiles (during the ESIP summer session) (here's our playlist:

While conversations about data formats will continue, the cluster will
explore new areas of interest, specifically how cloud-optimized data can be
published to support easy data discovery, data access and an understanding
of data provenance.

Matt has supported publishing many cloud optimized datasets to public data
programs using STAC, including to Microsoft’s Planetary Computer, and will
be sharing a bit about how he does this on Monday and later in the week at
FOSS4G: Getting started with STAC for public datasets FOSS4G 2021

Read the abstract, questions and meeting agenda below.

Meeting Logistics!

Topic: Getting started with STAC for public datasets

Monday September 27th, 10:00-11:00 am PT / 1:00-2:00 pm ET


Meeting ID: 865 3517 7705

Passcode: 354962

Find your local number: Zoom International Dial-in Numbers


The last year has seen a huge increase in the number of software tools and
public catalogs made available as SpatioTemporal Asset Catalogs. NASA has
made their Common Metadata Repository (CMR) available via a STAC compliant
API, exposing petabytes of freely available data. Microsoft has launched
the Planetary Computer that exposes datasets through a STAC API. E84’s
Earth-Search provides a STAC API for public datasets on AWS. Google now
provides a STAC Catalog for all their datasets available on Google Earth

It’s great that all this data is available because it allows the user of a
common set of tools to interact with that data. But, what are those tools?
Given a STAC API with data of interest how does one go about searching and
accessing that data?

This talk will give an overview of several publicly available STAC API
endpoints and how to use several open-source tools with them. It will be
demonstrated how to use libraries such as PySTAC and PySTAC-Client to open
and quickly search catalogs, and access the assets for different tasks
through libraries such as intake-stac, stac-vrt, and stackstac. Finally,
attendees will learn best practices to create their own STAC metadata and
catalogs for derived data, allowing data provenance to be tracked from new
data back to its source.



   5-10 minutes - Announcements

   20-30 minutes - Presentation

   20-30 minutes - Discussion questions

Looking forward to seeing y'all there!

Aimee and Sudhir
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