[Esip-cloud] ESIP Cloud Computing Cluster August !bonus! Telecon

James Coll jamesmcoll at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 10:42:24 EDT 2022

Ending August on a hot note, the Cloud Computing Cluster will be convening
a special working session on the 5th Monday of the month, **Monday, August
29th**, to discuss the NASA TOPS initiative and TOPS approaches to open
science.  Please see the prompt below, start pondering on your experience
and skillset in the area, and come ready to talk!
*Meeting Logistics!*
Topic: TOPS, ESIP, & Open Science
*When: *Monday August 29th, 10:00-11:00 am PT / 1:00-2:00 pm ET
*Where: *
Meeting ID: 865 3517 7705
Passcode: 354962
Find your local number: \Zoom International Dial-in Numbers\
We'd like to come together as a set of seasoned cloud professionals and
invested end users to discuss the following:
* How can we (as the ESIP cloud computing cluster) help work towards a
common target?
* What recommendations do we have from our own experience in translating
our scientific domain to open source solutions?
* What are the next steps we can take to stay involved and visible within
the initiative?
* 1-5 minutes -  Cluster and ESIP Announcements, open call for other
* 5-10 minutes - Problem statement and lay of the landscape
* 35-45 minutes - Open discussion
Looking forward to the discussion!
ESIP Cloud Computing Cluster Committee
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