[Esip-cor] 2021 Semantic Tech Committee budget amendments

Brandon Whitehead whiteheadb at landcareresearch.co.nz
Tue Apr 6 17:39:07 EDT 2021


All incoming chairs have been asked to review their respective budgets
and make edits if appropriate.  We have about 6 months left on the
current budget and I'm not aware of any of those funds having been
spent.  Is this accurate?

I thought the budget created for this year was sound, but I'd like to
make use of the provided opportunity to re-assess.  On initial viewing,
I do have a few questions:
1) Is there still a need to purchase a software license for tutorial
2) Is the travel budget still relevant?  Does anyone have any
suggestions for those funds (AGU, ISWC, US2TS, etc.)?
3) I do not recall discussing the practical aspects of `prizes` in great
detail.  Is this something we could pull together in the next few months?
4) Could we push the article APC charges to next fiscal year (again, in
6 mo.)?

There may be an opportunity to add or replace some of these items with
work on `significant` SWEET issues to this budget.  For example, the
Wikidata and GCMD (subset) mapping PRs are getting stale.  I'd love to
have those merged to the master branch as well as finish up the mappings
to the USGS Thesaurus.  These potentially relate to the bounties/prizes
budget so that may provide the necessary prompts to get that going.
What is happening with COR?  Is SeREEn at a stage where some amount of
funds would help (e.g. a web presence)?

If there are any proposals, comments, concerns, etc., *now is the time*.

*ESIP staff will need to receive any amendments post haste following the
Semantic Technologies meeting one week from today.*

An editable copy of the submitted budget is here:
Please also use your preferred communication methods to discuss prior to
the meeting next week (slack, email, add directly to the running notes,
carrier pigeon, message in a bottle...).

Brandon Whitehead
Environmental Data Scientist
Manaaki Whenua --- Landcare Research
m: +64 (0)21 177 7217


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