[Esip-dds] DDS telecon outcomes, tasks, moving forward

Anne Wilson anne.wilson at lasp.colorado.edu
Thu Jan 31 18:56:31 EST 2013

Hi all,

Thank you to those who participated in our telecon!  Meeting notes are 
available off the wiki page for this meeting: 
http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Telecon_materials.  This message is 
about plans for moving forward.  Please provide feedback and/or comments 
on the following:

Our main effort at this point is to identify the focus of the effort, a 
"research agenda for data management".  We have chosen to use a data 
life cycle perspective to do so, starting from a general view and moving 
towards the more specific.  We will likely be limited in how deeply 
specific we can go.

I believe our our goal for the next month is to:

1) Pick a data life cycle model to work with and identify main elements
	- Rama: has one candidate used in preservation effort
	- Ruth: CU has a table of them
	- googling "data life cycle" provides some yield
Ruth and Rama, can either of you point us to some relevant documentation 
so we can pick something?  Would the group be comfortable if, say, Anne, 
Ruth and Rama collaborate to pick one, or a group vote, or???  Could we 
get this done in one week?

2) Create a template that includes life cycle elements from which 
reviews of the literature can be created and summarized.

3) From the perspective of the chosen data life cycle elements, review 
the literature listed here, 
to see which aspects of the life cycle are supported, which are not, 
what is known, what is not known.

3a) On the "References to literature" page I added a simple mechanism (a 
bullet) to allow people to sign up as reviewers for each article on the 
above page.  The following people are able to do some reviewing (with 
some being already familiar with some of these docs): Anne, Rama, Ruth, 
Sarah, Steve, Beth, anyone else?  Please sign up for a report that needs 

4) Paul will look into the decadal survey process itself and report back.

We will coordinate these efforts via email.

Our next telecon will be Thursday, 2/28, 1:00 MT.  We'll continue to 
meet at this same hour on the 4th Thursday of the month.


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