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I think we should pick one and move forward. The goal of Data Decadal Survey is to have a set of experts assess the current state of practice and make recommendations for the future (looking ~10 years into the future). I believe the literature review and analysis that we do in the esip-dds group should lead us to highlighting areas where the experts will be asked to help. And, the data life cycle gives a framework to focus attention and to make sure we consider all aspects of data management during the full life cycle. I don't think the choice of a specific life cycle would matter too much. We can remain adaptive as we proceed.


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Hi all,

Rama and Ruth have provided some resources under "Meeting Outcomes" on this page: http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Telecon_materials.  Rama points us to a model that resulted from the Science Data Management workshop, July 2010.  Ruth provides a table of models, which includes a column describing Data Management Needs.

So we need to pick a model.  How should we do that?

Do we need to identify some goals of the model?  e.g., be able to identify critical intersection points between "data management domains", eg provenance, preservation, access/service, documentation, ...  Indeed, 
should we identify those domains?   Being able to logically decompose 
the problem could be helpful.

And/or, as a goal, support making a summary of a literature review...

Or, perhaps I'm over thinking this.  We could just vote on a model, in agile practices, "the simple thing that works", which would allow us to move forward quickly.

Regardless, we may find we want to change or modify our choice as we learn more, so perhaps it doesn't matter a whole lot?

Thoughts on moving forward?



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