[Esip-dds] Using the data life cycle model in a literature review

Uhlir, Paul PUhlir at nas.edu
Mon Feb 18 15:21:21 EST 2013

This is a very good diagram, Anne. I would remove the "Stakeholders?" from the "Perspectives" box in the lower right corner, however, since these are all perspectives, but not all stakeholders. Ultimately, we may want to do an issue matrix, but this seems to capture the main issue areas for now.


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Hi all,

As a next step, I picked a paper to review and looked at how to apply
the data life cycle model to a review of it.  (The paper is long, so
I've only read the summary and I continue to browse it.  The review is
by no means done.)  (And, btw, it focuses on physical samples!  I picked
it randomly...)

Attached is a way to depict aspects of the model addressed by the paper
that I came up with.  I don't propose this as an end result, just a tool
in the process.

A next step might be for each "category", write a phrase (tweet size?)
about what the report says about the questions:
a) where are we now
b) where do we want to be in 10 years
c) recommendations, priorities, ...  threats?

That let me to make this spreadsheet as another possibly useful tool
(which I hope I shared properly, pls let me know if not).  It's just a
flattening of the diagram into a table:

Would it be too much to do, or too much data at the point to try for a
tweet-sized blurb of a, b, & c (if present) for each cell?

Or, other ideas about moving forward?

I haven't made a wiki page for this topic yet, though I intend to make
one unless someone gets there first.


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