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Hi all: I'm sorry to send my input in an attachment, but I am unable to cut and paste the text here.


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Hi DDSers,

Our monthly telecon is next Thurday at 3:00 ET.   In preparation, I ask
you to think about the following.

Information regarding our last telecon is below.   Then we identified
the tasks of developing an abstract for the panel discussion to be held
this summer, and identifying persons to invite to serve on the panel.

In next Thursday's meeting I suggest we address these questions:

What is the goal of the panel discussion?
What should the abstract say?
Who might we invite to serve on the panel?
Which views should be represented?  e.g., ESIP's

Any thoughts at this time?

Thank you!


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Hi all,

Thank you for a good telecon today!  Here are the notes and other
materials: http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Telecon_03.21.13_materials.


We agreed on a working version of our cluster mission statement:

We discussed the summer panel discussion, which would help determine
possible scopes for the Survey.  Carol/Erin (that interesting two-headed
being ;)) may make this a plenary session. The outcome would be a white
paper that summarizes what was learned and helps to frame a potential
workshop to held subsequently that would include representatives from
beyond ESIP.

We are thinking of two parts to that session: a presentation from one or
more "visionaries of data" to help us think in new ways, followed by the
panel discussion itself.  We have a wiki page for planning the session
here: http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Summer_2013_panel_discussion.
Please contribute!!

I have also proposed a follow on working group session at the summer
meeting to discuss what was learned from the panel discussion and how to
move forward with that information, including writing the white paper.

So, our tasks for the next month is to write the abstract for the panel
discussion, identify a visionary (or two) to invite, and identify
agencies and eventually individuals to invite to participate in the
panel discussion.

Thanks again for your interest and participation!


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