[Esip-dds] Moving forward on panel discussion, feedback by Fri 5/10 please

Anne Wilson anne.wilson at lasp.colorado.edu
Wed May 8 11:25:12 EDT 2013

Thanks, Laura!   This is valuable input worth sharing with the group.

Peter sounds particularly interesting to me because he crosses domains - 
I believe that gives a unique perspective.


On 5/8/13 6:21 AM, Laura Carriere wrote:
> Anne,
>     I'm replying to you and not the list because I'm not sure how
> valuable my input is since I haven't participated in any of your
> telecons due to time constraints.  I did read this email and I know
> Tsengdar Lee (NASA) and, years ago, I worked briefly with Peter Lyster
> (NIH).
> Tsengdar is at NASA HQ, he's the High End Computing Program Manager that
> covers both the supercomputing facilities - the one at NASA Ames (NAS,
> which supports a variety of research) and here at Goddard (NCCS, NASA
> Center for Climate Simulation, which is where I work).  He's very
> familiar with the ESGF project (Earth System Grid Federation) that
> shares Climate Model data in support of the IPCC reports (my work
> supports ESGF).  He is also familiar with various Big Data challenges,
> e.g. the NEX project at Ames is also funded through him.  He could speak
> knowledgeably about these topics but he doesn't work specifically in the
> Earth Science observational data field.
> Peter worked at the GMAO (NASA climate modeling) for a while, some 10
> years ago, and was definitely more interested in the compute side than
> the climate modeling side.  I know nothing about his current work but I
> did like working with him.  He may have an interesting point of view,
> having worked in both Earth Science and now in computational biology
> (according to his online NIH Bio) but that's merely conjecture on my part.
> Feel free to share this with the list if you think it has value.
>     Laura.
> On 5/7/13 12:39 PM, Anne Wilson wrote:
>> Thanks, Joe!   I'm vaguely familiar with a few of those names.  Does
>> anyone know (or know of) any of these people and think they would be a
>> good panelist?  An NIH, DOE, and/or NCO/NITRD panelist could add an
>> interesting perspective, i.e., beyond Earth Science.
>> I'm wondering how we'll make the decision of who to invite, especially
>> via email.  Perhaps a vote?
>> Anne
>> On 5/7/13 1:09 AM, Joe Hourcle wrote:
>>> Probably too late for forming the panel -- but my ATR (my civil servant boss, not my contractor boss) is sending me in his place* to the OSTP / NITRD 'Big Data Senior Steering Group' meeting at the end of the month.
>>> I don't recognize any of the names on the list, but the invitation was signed by :
>>> 	The BDSSG Domain Research Working Group
>>> 	Mark Suskin, NSF, Co-Chair
>>> 	Robert Chadduck, NSF, Co-Chair
>>> 	Laura Biven, DOE Science
>>> 	Sky Bristol, USGS
>>> 	Allen Dearry, NIH
>>> 	Emily Grumbling, NSF
>>> 	Alan Hall, NOAA
>>> 	Tsengdar Lee, NASA
>>> 	Peter Lyster, NIH
>>> 	Sastry Pantula, NSF
>>> 	Jonathan Petters, DOE Science
>>> 	Don Preuss, NIH
>>> 	Tom Statler, NSF
>>> 	Wendy Wigen, NCO/NITRD

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