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Hi all, I think it will be very important to get a private sector perspective on these issues, perhaps even more so than an academic one. If we don't hear from Michael Tiemann soon, are there like minded experts registered for ESIP who might be conscripted?

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Hi DDSers,

A quick update -

Carol and I have been working the invitations to serve on the panel.
With travel restrictions, it's a challenge!  But the panel is shaping
up.  We have two accepted invitations to serve:

Dan Baker, Director LASP, Chair of Heliophysics Decadal Survey
Stan Ahalt, Director, RENCI

We have invited and expect to hear soon from Todd Vision, Director of
Informatics and Associate Director, National Evolutionary Synthesis
Center (NESCent), Professor of Biology, UNC.

We have also invited Michael Tiemann, Vice President of Open Source
Affairs at Red Hat Inc., but are getting less response.   These latter
two are local to Chapel Hill, fwiw.

So, we may have an opportunity to invite one or two others, depending on
the outcomes of these last two.

As a reminder, we'll have our monthly telecon next week on Thursday the
20th, (and *not* the 4th Thursday of the month, as usually scheduled).
That will be our last telecon before the meeting.  I'll send a reminder
about the telecon next week before the meeting.

"And that's the way it is."



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