[Esip-dds] telecon follow up, panel planning, Anne away next week

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Thanks for a comprehensive and fast recap, Anne. On the time allocated to the panelists, I suggest 10 minutes each for the remaining 3 (not 7 minutes each for all 4), and then 30 minutes for discussion. As to our advance kibbitzing to Chris/Stan on the "visionary" talk, I would reserve our comments for ex post.

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Hi DDSers,

A followup on yesterday's conversation:

Yesterday we got a quick, noncommittal response, but a response
nonetheless, from Jim Jagielski/Michael Tiemann (who have been
temporarily confabulated in one being).  At least they know we exist and
have been trying to reach them.  We have asked them to affirm or decline
by the end of today.  Our fingers are crossed.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I will be away and out of touch next
week, back on Monday, July 1.  Carol will steer while I'm away.  That
may include inviting yet someone else for that 4th "industry" panel
position.  We wondered if any other industry people were coming to the
meeting.  Erin mentioned Stephan Falke (sp?), from Northrup Grumman,
will be attending and could possibly fill that position if we need it.
Does anyone know offhand of any other industry types that will be attending?

In the mean time, I am composing an email to send to the panel as whole
once it is finalized.  The goal is to try to help the panel jell into a
relatively coherent group.  The email will provide another copy of the
abstract, which includes a description of what a decadal survey is.  It
will also include the latest version of questions for the panelists,
slightly tweaked since they were invited.  I will share that with group
for feedback before sending.

I am also preparing an introduction for the panel discussion to set the
stage and introduce the panelists.  I will also plan on providing a
short wrap up at the end to summarize and give some plans on moving forward.

We are budgeting the 90 minute session time the following way:

10 introduction, Anne
15 visionary statement, Stan Aholt
7 * 4 = 28 minutes for panelist statements  (though not Stan, as he will
have already spoken???)
32 discussion
  5 wrap up, Anne
90 minutes total

Chris is going to give Stan his visionary talking points.  Chris, what,
if anything, do you need from us for that?  I have a few ideas...
Perhaps a separate email thread for that?

Please provide feedback on any of the above.  Thanks, all!!


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