[Esip-dds] Events at ESIP, towards the elevator talk

Anne Wilson anne.wilson at lasp.colorado.edu
Mon Dec 30 13:24:04 EST 2013

Hi Data Studyers,

I'm looking forward to our workshop and events at ESIP next week.  FYI, 
the workshop will be held on Tuesday, 1/7.  At the meeting itself:

Wed, 10:30, plenary panel discussion, "Visioning for the Science Data 

Wed, 2:00, breakout, "Data Study Dialog".  We hope to get agency 
representatives to this session to hear their thoughts.

Fri, 8:30, business meeting, "Data Study Working Session" for us to 
synthesize what we learned and plan for moving forward.

Working on my talk for AGU helped me clarify my view of the focus of the 
study.  I feel the key point is addressing issues that span agencies and 
organizations.  Taking another stab at a synopsis:

A NRC data study could address overarching issues that are greater than 
the scope of any single agency or organization, such as:

- General data science issues and technologies
- Economics: who is responsible and who should pay?
- Inconsistent, short term funding
- Confusion, lack of alignment between stakeholders, roles, and 
- Inadequate incentives
- Legal issues, e.g. licensing
- Cultural issues such as citation and attribution
- Lack of coordination across agencies and organizations, across 
domains, and with the private sector
- Lack of cross organizational infrastructure, e.g. "a system of 
persistent identifiers for both researchers and their outputs, usable by 
- Uneven appreciation of issues, goals, "the urgency of the matter is 
not uniformly appreciated"
- Workforce training
- The inclusion of the private sector

A study could accomplish:

- Overarching, independent, authoritative, expert-derived scientific 
advice from the highest U.S. authority
- A long term, coherent vision, incorporating future trends and 
producing guiding principles and approaches that can help inform 
organizations that fund research, scientific research organizations, and 
publishing houses
- Planning that spans administrations and congressional turnover
- Influence, the possibility to impact public policy, especially 
Congress, and a cultural impact
- Establishment of an economic model
- A bringing together of disparate interests and perspectives, such as 
library scientists and publishers and the private sector
- Integration of disparate experiences: what lessons have we already 
learned?  What can we learn from libraries and publication efforts? What 
can we learn from domain-specific successes?
- Advice on technical constructs
- The possibility for ongoing advice, guidance

Okay, it's not really suitable for the elevator, but hopefully  captures 
the essence.  (How do you describe something complex in an elevator 
anyway?  Does anyone know?)

Please note that some of the above are lifted from other documents.  I 
promise to cite them properly (Bob) if this list is promulgated.  (Bob, 
thanks for keeping me honest!  ;))

Any thoughts, comments?  What's your view of the elephant?

I'm going to send a note about the Community Forum in a separate email.

Thanks, all!


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