[Esip-disasters] Call for AGU Abstracts: IN051 -- Who's at Risk?

Bob Chen bchen at ciesin.columbia.edu
Thu Jun 20 13:06:45 EDT 2019


Sorry I wasn't able to be on the last Disasters call. Since then, the 
preliminary AGU session notices have come out  and the abstract site has 
opened. For those of you on this list who aren't familiar with the AGU, 
this is the largest gathering of Earth and related scientists each 
year...it will be held in San Francisco on December 9-13, 2019. I've 
submitted the following abstract to the Earth and Space Sciences 
Informatics (IN) track, which is also co-organized with Natural Hazards 
(NH), Global Environmental Change (GEC), and Public Affairs (PA):

*IN051*. Who's at Risk? Assessing Population and Infrastructure Exposure 
and Vulnerability for Hazard, Climate, and Health Applications

Analyzing the risks of natural and technological hazards, climate 
change, and public health threats requires data on the exposure of 
people and infrastructure in addition to quantifying their respective 
vulnerability across time to damage and adverse impacts. Spatiotemporal 
measures specific to occupancy activities, the type of occupants (e.g. 
vulnerable groups), and other factors affecting risk need to be coupled 
with more detailed information on the resilience of infrastructure to 
support effective mitigation and capacity planning specific to different 
hazards, e.g., earthquakes, floods, extreme weather, pollution, and sea 
level rise. New data from remote sensing, location-based services, 
crowd-sourcing, and transactional databases can supplement existing 
geospatial data on population and infrastructure. Proposals are welcome 
that address data interoperability, fusion, quality, discoverability, 
use, and/or validation aspects of underlying data products, key to 
supporting cross-disciplinary risk assessments and characterizing 
interactions between hazards, exposure, and vulnerability, now and in 
the future.

Please consider submitting an abstract to this session. It should be a 
great opportunity for you to showcase your recent work on developing, 
improving, and/or using geospatial data on population, infrastructure, 
occupance, vulnerability etc. in support of or integrated with data on 
different hazards, health threats, or climate changes. We'd also be very 
interested in use cases where this type of spatial risk information has 
been used in public or private sector decision making. You'll also get 
to interact with a diverse group from the hazards, geohealth, climate 
change, informatics, and related fields interested in these issues. If 
you are not already an AGU member, you might consider joining since the 
annual membership fee is modest ($50) and the meeting registration rates 
are much lower.

My co-convenors are Andrea Gaughan from the University of Louisville, 
Charlie Huyck from ImageCat, Inc., and Nancy Searby from the NASA 
Applied Sciences Program. Please feel free to contact any of us if you 
have any questions! Cheers, Bob

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