[Esip-discovery] ESIP Discovery Telecon today at 4:00 ET/1:00 PT

Lynnes, Christopher S. (GSFC-6102) christopher.s.lynnes at nasa.gov
Tue Apr 12 08:21:50 EDT 2011

Phone number: 1-866-509-1626
Meeting Code: 3851033#


ESIP 2011 Summer Meeting - Discovery Session planning

	• Schedule posted: Jluly 12-13 Summer Meeting, Santa Fe, NM
	• Need to add slot for Discovery
	• Dicovery session topic ideas
		• poll?
Discovery Webinar to Help Infusion?

	• To help new infusion cases of Discovery services.
	• example case: EPA (Bill Sonntag)
Next DCP Ideas

	• Need to follow up on implementations planning to adhere to DCP-1.
	• Which ideas to formalize next?
	• We also need facilitators.
	• Some ideas incubating
		• Specific extensions to Discovery Atom Response format for Granule-level, Collection-level, and Service responses. Simply builds upon DCP-1.
		• Discovery RSS Response Format?
		• OpenSearch Request Format. adopt OGC OpenSearch spec?
		• ServiceCasting Request Format?
		• DataCasting Request Format?
		• Mashup conventions?
		• Apache SOLR Request format
		• Apache SOLR Response format
		• Apache Nutch Opensearch RSS response format
		• Custom Elements
Product & Services Testbed

	• What use(s) the Discovery cluster might be able to think of proposing.
Christopher Lynnes     
Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Center, NASA/GSFC

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