[Esip-discovery] Faceting and Custom Fields Discussion at ESIP Winter Meeting

Lynnes, Christopher S. (GSFC-6102) christopher.s.lynnes at nasa.gov
Wed Dec 14 08:00:04 EST 2011

On Dec 13, 2011, at 7:59 PM, Eric Rozell wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> A brief discussion came up at the telecon today about faceting and custom fields in ESIP Discovery services.  This would be an interesting topic for me and I assume some others at the Winter Meeting.
> Here is what I gathered as the "alternatives" that are out there for faceting and custom fields:
> • Ruth Duerr has investigated a "valid parameter values" method at NSIDC
> • Jeff McWhirter has developed a framework for handling custom search fields
> • Brian Wilson has worked with Solr services for faceting
> • Eric Rozell (me) has developed a framework for faceted user interfaces
> • OpenSearch SRU (search/retrieve via URL) extension has some built in options for faceting
> I'd be happy to help organize, whether its getting information from the above individuals and presenting it, or having each individual present a few slides.  I think the former would be more streamlined.  I'd like to hear what people think about this.  

I think that would be great!

> I know the Thursday Workshop Session is pretty booked up, but this may be a good topic for a say 15-20 min presentation in the Friday Planning Session.
> --Eric
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