[Esip-discovery] ESIP 2012 Winter Meeting: agenda for Discovery Sessions

Hua, Hook (388C) hook.hua at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Dec 29 20:50:55 EST 2011

Based on our recent Discovery telecons, a more detailed tentative agenda
has been posted for the two Discovery sessions:

(1) Discovery Workshop on Thursday (Jan 5)

This session will focus on the top two voted topics:
A. Interoperability for OGC services (45-min)
B. Interoperability for OpenSearch in various types of casting (45-min)

(2) Discovery Planning on Friday (Jan 6)


This session will tentatively focus on other topics to push forward on.
A. Draft DCP-3: Where do we go from here? (25-min)
B. Faceting and Custom Fields Discussion (25-min)
C. Some Lessons Learned from Apache Solr-based Faceting (10-min)
D. Any Other Topics for Discovery? (10-min filler)
E. Leveraging the Discovery Testbed (20-min)

Eric volunteered to coordinate on (B) "Faceting and Custom Fields
Discussion". 25-minutes allotted as requested.

Since we still have time available, I tentatively filled in (C) and (D). I
can volunteer to talk about (C) some lessons learned from Apache
Solr-based faceting. (D) is general discussion for prioritizing our needs.
(E) "Leveraging the Testbed" is purposely scheduled last to take our fresh
discussion of the Discovery cluster's needs and focus it on how the
Discovery Testbed can meet those needs.

Any thoughts?


On 12/13/11 4:59 PM, "Eric Rozell" <rozele at rpi.edu> wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>A brief discussion came up at the telecon today about faceting and custom
>fields in ESIP Discovery services.  This would be an interesting topic
>for me and I assume some others at the Winter Meeting.
>Here is what I gathered as the "alternatives" that are out there for
>faceting and custom fields:
>€ Ruth Duerr has investigated a "valid parameter values" method at NSIDC
>€ Jeff McWhirter has developed a framework for handling custom search
>€ Brian Wilson has worked with Solr services for faceting
>€ Eric Rozell (me) has developed a framework for faceted user interfaces
>€ OpenSearch SRU (search/retrieve via URL) extension has some built in
>options for faceting
>I'd be happy to help organize, whether its getting information from the
>above individuals and presenting it, or having each individual present a
>few slides.  I think the former would be more streamlined.  I'd like to
>hear what people think about this.  I know the Thursday Workshop Session
>is pretty booked up, but this may be a good topic for a say 15-20 min
>presentation in the Friday Planning Session.
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