[Esip-discovery] Concerning DCP-5

Wilson, Brian D (335G) bdwilson at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Jun 7 21:02:38 EDT 2012

Concerning DCP-5:

I entered two comments in the 'Discussions' section.

I am all in favor of using regular expressions, but I wonder it we should
piggyback on the OpenSearch Parameters extension, rather than
shoehorn many attributes into a <Query> tag.

1) Having now looked at the OS Parameters extension, I wonder if it makes sense to piggyback on that. The good thing there is that for each search parameter there is a <parameters:Parameter> tag that contains multiple attributes. One could add a 'pattern' attribute to contain the regular expression just as in the HTML <input> element. Or put the pattern attribute in a namespace if we can't get the author of the Parameters extension to agree. 

2) My (small) objection to the current proposal is that putting the actual search parameter names as many new attributes in a <Query> tag seems kind of sketchy (risky?). By having a separate tag for each one, there is always room for further extension using more attributes.

Sorry for not considering this earlier and voting.

 -- Brian

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