[Esip-discovery] barebones search solution needed

jeff mcwhirter jeffmc at unavco.org
Fri Nov 9 18:09:32 EST 2012

Hi Greg,

> Hi all, I'm new to this list so apologies if this has been answered 
> before.  I have a legacy geospatial dataset of ~15K granules that 
> needs to be online and searchable.  "Searchable" here means searchable 
> by a handful of criteria, including spatial search.  The kicker is 
> that there is zero funding for maintaining this dataset.  And the 
> usage is extremely low (but not non-zero), meaning it's hard to 
> justify spending any money or time on the dataset, but at the same 
> time the data can't just disappear.  So the successful solution is 
> something that will not only get the job done, but is so simple that 
> it will require virtually no maintenance going forward, and any 
> maintenance that is required can be covered by IT folks who aren't 
> necessarily data specialists.
> I already have a relational database with the necessary metadata. Are 
> there simple opensearch packages that I can put on top?  Or, even if I 
> build my own opensearch service (in my spare time, naturally ;) ) , 
> are there opensearch clients that support graphical spatial search?
> (I almost feel like I should post this to the preservation & 
> stewardship list, as this seems like such a common pattern: "I have 
> some data to preserve, but no resources...")

You might want to look at RAMADDA (http://ramadda.org). It can harvest 
data and metadata from the file system (assuming its in a recognizable 
format) and provides a rich search and service layer including OpenSearch.



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