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Pedro Gonçalves pedro.goncalves at terradue.com
Tue Nov 13 10:18:09 EST 2012

Hi Chris 

Terradue got the funding to work on the OpenSearch and its extensions from the GENESI-DR and GENESI-DEC projects, funded by the European Commission. 
Terradue also deployed that interface for the operational search engine of the ESA Grid (G-POD), where all ESA data is available. 

Our work within these infrastructures was then leveraged for the definition of the OGC documents "OpenSearch Geospatial Discussion Paper" (OGC 09-084) and the OpenSearch and Geospatial extension (OGC 10-032).

These infrastructure and standardization efforts are the basis of my discussions and collaboration with ESIP so far.

I'm now trying to get a new funding opportunity (hopefully European Space Agency will contribute it) in order to move this further, and also standardize the Earth Observation extensions. If all goes well, I hope to restart working on it soon.

ciao, pedro

p.s. you have also this GEO Supersite url 

Pedro Pereira Goncalves
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On Nov 13, 2012, at 12:04 PM, Lynnes, Christopher S. (GSFC-6102) wrote:

> Hey, folks!  Our colleague in Japan, Yoshiyuko Kudo, pointed me to a couple of OpenSearch servers in Europe that implement the two-step dataset/granule search (linked by opensearchdescription+xml links)!
> I don't know if the ESIP Discovery Cluster influenced them, or if it is a case of convergent evolution, but I think it represents an important development for our cluster.
> Check it out:
> Begin forwarded message:
>> I learned European OpenSearch implementations such as G-POD[1] and
>> GENESI-DEC[2] are both supporting 2-way search (dataset and granule).
>> Did they adopt the ESIP spec?
>> [1]
>> (DS)http://grid-eo-catalog.esrin.esa.int/catalogue/gpod
>> (GN)http://grid-eo-catalog.esrin.esa.int/catalogue/gpod/MIR_CORx0_/description/
>> [2]
>> (DS)http://portal.genesi-dec.eu/search/description.xml
>> (GN)http://dr-ext.genesi-dec.eu/catalogue/genesi/MOD01/description/
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